I am currently freelancing, subbing  on various shows and performing with big bands orchestras and other musical collaborations. I am also working on a few projects details of which will come out on completion.

My wife, Stephanie is available for wedding and orchestral work on harp or piano. Check out her webpage here.

My CD is still for sale and all proceeds will now go to the Shrewsbury Music Therapy Unit Trust Fund. P&P will be charged separately. You will soon be able to listen to a sample here.

Early Career

Upon leaving music college to head into the precarious business of being a professional musician Ian was fortunate enough to get a job as a cruise ship musician. His first trip on board ship took him to such 'exotic' destinations as Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Acapulco and then a season up in Alaska. Some UK touring followed but Ian was soon to head out for a season up in the Baltic followed by a run out to Hawaii and the South Pacific islands.

Moving onto P&O Lines s.s.Canberra saw the start of a 12 year stint during which Ian became a qualified PADI Scuba Instructor. Following a trip to Mombasa on a Round World Cruise the seeds were sown for the first Landrover purchase which was a 1982 109" diesel hardtop. This was kitted out and completed a trip to Morocco.

This article is yet to be completed but is published as a taster.

Overland Trombone Case

Over the years the job has changed in that now, more often than not, I am required to carry more than one type of trombone. This can be a bit of a pain particularly if you are flying as the airlines are often okay with one instrument as carry on but less so with two. The types of cases available have, to my taste, been either way too bulky or far too heavy. There is a really good case made by Marcus Bonna but it is way too heavy. Soft bag options are available but if they make you check the bag you are then stuffed because the insurance only covers you nowadays in a hard case. So, there is the problem. I needed a solution so I have built my own case.

Problem 1, size. I decided to use Easyjet's measurements for what they allow as a guideline. I have made my case easily fit within their measurements and my result is 95x35x30cm.

Problem 2, weight. I decided to go for the expensive materials as they are the lightest and I know how heavy fibreglass gets when you have to get the thickness for strength. I went for carbon fibre which, even when layered for strength, is light. Once you add hinges, locks, handles, straps and padding for the instruments you bring the weight up but I can put  a large bore Bb/F, a medium bore and (I got 3 in for no increase in case size over what I'd need for 2) an alto trombone with total weight at 12kg.

It was a big learning curve in working with composites but I am quite pleased with my attempt. I have refinements to make but I think I may be onto something that I could make on a small scale.

So, here is my solution

Triple Trombone Case

I will upload better pictures at some point but this is just a taster. The only real problem it that the cost price is high before I even think of labour. Maybe that is why the Wiseman case people only offer a carbon fibre double trombone case as a special at £1,200!

I have just made up inserts which allow me to replace the medium bore and alto with a bass trombone. Overall weight slightly less than when the 3 instruments are carried.

Musical Education


After early tuition on the acoustic guitar Ian took up the trombone at the age of 11 under the tutelage of Dave Cole. Progressing rapidly through the grades he attained Grade 8 with distinction at the age of 16 and, following Dave Cole's departure to pastures new, achieved an A.R.C.M. Performers Diploma at the age of 18 under the watchful eye of his teacher Dave Heywood. During these years Ian was a member of the Shropshire Schools Orchestra setup progressing through the Concert Bands to become 1st Trombone in the Symphony Orchestra traveling with that Orchestra to U.S.S.R. in 1981 with the late Adrian Morris (formerly Bass Trombone with the Hallé Orchestra) in the section at that time. He also played for many local amateur operatic society productions and performed with local big bands in this period leading to a wide grounding of musical experience. Four years at Birmingham School of Music followed under Reg Reid with extra guidance provided by Ken Shifrin and Danny Longstaff (R.I.P.) then of the C.B.S.O.. During this College period Ian was a founder member of the Birmingham Trombone Choir an idea conceived by Ken Shifrin and subsequently taken up by many U.K. music colleges.