Hopefully some of the links on here will prove useful. Remember it is sometimes part of the fun to work it all out yourself but if you get short on time there is no shame in taking advantage of the research done by others.

Useful suppliers (in no particular order and without sponsorship)

OEC International Anton and the guys will supply lots of great gear but also advise without pressure to purchase. (Donaldson pre-cleaner and Nature Pure filter from here)

Footloose 4x4 Paul and the guys here also provide top quality gear and advice. Again no pressure to purchase but really well thought out stock list.

Devon 4x4 If you look at their stock you will see all the top brands and get a first look at a lot of the newer items on the scene.

The Paint Man Bill can match your paint on any Land Rover. New website is great addition.

Station Road Garage Jason is an extremely experienced machanic on all Landrover vehicles. Based in North Shropshire.

Telford Compressed Air Services

Autohose. Supply hoses, edge tripm, carpets 01782 542486.

Brunel Performance Jon provides top advice and products. If it isn't right for you he wont push a product on you. Very refreshing. I have broken the link as it appears his website may have changed. I will add a new link if I can find one.

Surplus and Outdoors have a huge range of gear for camping and I got a Coleman lamp case which is perfect for my storm kettle and will stop it getting crushed.

J F Thomas for tarpaulins of any size. They will also make covers for roof tents. Get them on 01948 840742.

SKAN 4X4 Breakers Warwick will try to supply used parts mainly for Discoverys but also for Japanese 4x4s. 01952 727298 (Much Wenlock, Shropshire)

S&W Off-Road. Servicing, welding, fabrication,off-road modifications and all manner of other stuff. Steve and Mike parted ways but S&W Offroad is still up and running. Use Mike's contact number on the website.



Other trips websites


People who will pass on information from their experiences

Mind The Elephant Will and Hannah drove down in their Landcruiser. We shared a container back to the UK. You have probably already found this site if you are an Overlander.

Les 4OOOO French family travelling in Azalai type 130.

Taking The Long Way Home Kevin and Lorraine are travelling round the World on their GS1200 BMW bike. The couple I met up with most on my trip. Follow their ongoing story as they move to South America this Autumn. This trip has finished but the website hasn't had many updates recently.



Navigation Visit this site to update your GPS firmware. This needs to be done on some models to recognize the newer larger Data cards

Tracks4Africa - Mapping Africa, one day at a time

Off Road Opportunities

Shropshire Off Road Club A friendly club who hold events which are as they say they are. If it is down as a TYRO (non-damaging for beginners) it is just that. Check out the upcoming events.

Important people

Guy Sidford. Guy did a lot of the work setting up and updating this website during my trip. He is an IT professional who is also studying to do an Open University Geology degree. His son John has fought a battle against cancer and is currently winning. Quite a diverse website with a number of useful links.

Stephanie Roberts-Moseley (a.k.a. The Wife) Stephanie is a professional Harpist and Pianist. She is also a teacher of both instruments and a licenced Music Therapist. Music Therapy is not sitting someone in a chair and playing them a CD of whales and water, it is a vital communication link to many individuals who cannot communicate their joy/anger/frustration through words.