Oops:- I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

I dived in as vehicles were getting more pricey. Every one I looked at towards the top of my budget exhibited signs of an impending restoration. Why not pre-empt this and buy one already started? I am writing this in 2022 having had the vehicle for quite some time and I think I can safely say this is perhaps not the most sound idea I ever had.

I collected the ES from North Shields and trailered it home to the site where my trailer was stored. I did a fair amount of stripping out and sorting out what bits were what and then was able to move it for a few months to my friend Mike's yard.


We got the engine out and I completed the disassembly of the interior. The engine was mounted on a stand and I got to work on this under Mike's supervision. 

As Winter set in I was able to get a workshop at my original storage place and the 1800 has been in there ever since. Equipment has been bought along with items available that are needed and I have gradually sourced the difficult to find items that were missing. I have done a large amount of welding and fabrication but am still probably only 1/2 way through that side of the project. I get disheartened on a regular basis but I know I can finish this.