Getting to the bottom of things

It has been some time since I did any work on this website. Have I been lazy? I don;t think so. Regarding the ES, what has happened so far?

When I got the car I knew it was one bad attempt short of the scrapyard. On closer inspection it was worse. At every turn this seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. I have had to undo most of the previous work done to the vehicle and I am still only part way through that. The main thing is bodywork or lack thereof. I have had to cut back things very slowly to try and see some remaining original structure for reference. Does this sound depressing and negative? Trust me it is the voice of a realist. I will try and compile a brief trail of the various disasters in words and pictures. Things are moving forward and I plan to do some of the interior and mechanical refurbishment when I can't be on bodywork by taking it with me where I travel and sorting that in my free time.

The next article will have pictures.