Navigation Resources

Pretty much all the sources of information I come across in my planning point to one thing, the need to be able to adapt if a situation arises. As far as planning my route is concerned I intend to have a basic route from which I will deviate if I choose or when necessary. The wonders of modern GPS will hopefully allow freedom with a certain amount of security.

I am using a Garmin 276c which I will fit with an external antenna but will probably try to go for a discrete one without Garmin emblazoned on it for the worlds thieves to spot.

I will use Garmin Mapsource software to plan a basic route and will also use the highly recommended Tracks for Africa hopefully contributing to their ever expanding database.

I have the 3 basic Michelin maps for Africa along with a great book The National Geographic African Adventure Atlas. This book appears to have most of the regularly available African maps in one volume. It contains lots of other great information as well.

As back up to the GPS I have a Silva vehicle mounted compass which I will set up in the Summer and I will also carry a handheld compass. Combining these with maps and local assistance I should hopefully manage.