An important aspect for a trip like this is what training do I need to be able to successfully complete my journey safely. There are several areas which I have decided to look at and I will give you a brief overview of each followed by more in depth discussion as I get further into the creation of this site.

1) Vehicle mechanics and maintainance

Am gradually working through basic servicing and in the next couple of weeks will be supervised throughthe whole process including cambelt change and valve clearances.

2) Vehicle operation

Will be taking a trip out to some land our club use for trials with a very experienced friend to test what I know and what I should know.

3) Health and hygiene including preventative medicine and First Aid

Lots of reading involved here. One of our club is a paramedic and I have a trumpet player friend who is a Doctor so I amĀ  picking a few brains on this one.

4) Navigation

5) Diplomacy