As I deal with the various items I will show what paperwork I obtain for my trip and hopefully give tips on how to avoid any pitfalls I find along the way. I will pass on information given freely to me by others on the understanding that things change and peoples experiences differ so all info is given in good faith. If you have any useful information or know of good links I may use in my research please mail me via the contacts page.

News!!! Lots of people on various forums seem confused as to how to get the ICMV.  For the International Certificate of Motor Vehicles contact the AA's International Motoring Section on 01256 493 395.
They will e-mail you an application form. The cost is currently £7.50 which is the same as the IDP. This document is valid for 12 months just like the IDP. See the bottom of the page to download this form if you require it.

Carnet. The big one. I have decided to use the insurance policy method. I don't want to have to put up my house as a guarantee for the bank. I have made up an interactive spreadsheet based on the current RAC figures This is also available at the bottom of the page if you wish to download it.

IDP see the ICMV section and I will apply for both at the same time.

Passport. Mine is currently valid till 2011 and only has one stamp in it so should have the necessary space but will review this in about September time.

Visas. I am picking up various pieces of information particularly from the website  This seems to be a very good resource but, as with all 3rd party information, it is up to you to pick the wood from the chaff. A lot of the people on there seem awfully experienced so I am a bit shy about posting asking for information which has probably been given many times. Time to stop being so British and just get on with it.