This will list appropriate vaccinations and provision of First Aid materials plus discussion of anti-malarial choices.

I have started my course of vaccinations. It appears that quite a few will be provided free of charge on the NHS. This is great as I do pay my NI and am glad to only have to look for a few jabs elsewhere. Ouch, not the needles but the cost of some of the vaccines. Rabies and cholera are pricey.

The research I have done tells me I will need a Yellow Fever certificate somewhere along the way. Recommended are Typhiod, Tetanus, Polio, Meningitis and Hepititus A. For long term exposure there are also Diptheria, Rabies Cholera and Hepititus B (in case of blood transfusion or other needles).

As doxycycline is also the chosen anti-biotic for some tick based infections the nurse has advised this as a smart choice of anti-malarial. I intend taking a short course to trial it if my doctor will provide it. I will also carry a back-up, probably a short course of malarone.

I will be carrying a quite extensive First Aid kit and include a sterile set including cannula and giving set. For extra needles and other supplies you can try SP Services in Telford.

Two more things to do are get an up to date eye test and get prescription sunglasses plus a trip to the dentist.

New glasses are sorted including a very dark pair of prescription sunglasses

Been to the dentist and my face now hurts (thank you hygienist)