Friday 24th July Cape Agulhas. Continued.

After sending e-mails I just settle in for what is quite a cold night. There is a fire here but it doesn’t cast it’s heat that far and I have done my cooking on the stove so don’t need it.

Saturday 25th July Cape Agulhas

I had planned to leave today but circumstances changed. There is a boat trip going out to see the whales. I can’t afford the standard price but the owner says he has enough to run the boat and can cut me a deal. It is a great deal and I gladly accept. I am even happier when after only 15 minutes we spot our first whale. The encounters are stunning and I am torn between just enjoying it and recording on both still and video camera. I hope I have some good footage. Again that will be shown on completion of the trip.
I stay another night and am ready to move on with another great experience under my belt.

Sunday 26th Cape Agulhas to Betty’s Bay

I take the road as close to the coast as possible an after a brief call in Hermanus head to Betty’s Bay to the backpackers. Ross is currently managing the place and he is from Scotland doing a bit of travelling. There is a young and fairly troubled potter staying there for a few months and I worry that he enjoys too many ‘jazz woodbines’. Also working there is Katrina who flies back to Norway on Wednesday.

I park out front and set up then enjoy the joys of pool on a full size snooker table. Ross has been told to play it like golf and treat each ball as a par 2 or 3 by trying to set it up for the next shot. It has been a relaxing day.

Monday 27th Betty’s Bay

So what is there to do here? I head down to the Penguin colony to have a look. Only R10 to get in and it is really rather nice. The weather is certainly mixed so I don’t stay that long. I head back around the coast and pick up food along with changing some money at the bank. I think I now have enough to get through till Stephanie arrives.

Tuesday 28th Betty’s Bay

I take today to change a track rod end and service the old one as it just had a split boot on it. I check a few other bits but am still a bit nervous about my right rear wheel bearing and don’t really want to take the hub off here as if there is a problem, which sometimes happens, with the bearing fusing to the stub axle I would be stuck with it up on an axle stand. I am pleased overall with most things I check.  We all head round the coast in the evening to have a look at the sunset and are rewarded by a whale sighting. It is Katrina’s last night so that is a nice way to end her time in South Africa.

Wednesday 29th To Cape Town.

Off early and round the coast I visit Hout Bay (we used to cycle to here when I was on the cruise ships) and have some fish and chips for old times sake. Following round past Camps Bay and Strand I follow the coast all the way and get to a few backpackers who aren’t suitable for the rooftent. I finally find Riverlodge Backpackers run by PJ and they have a place for me. It is a different place as a lot of the residents are workers shipped in for municipal projects.

Thursday 30th July Cape Town

I head up to where I found Salty Crax backpackers as I saw a vehicle with Out of Africa tours on it in the same street. This was the firm run by a guy I met at my first stop in Botswana while watching the cricket. It turns out Stephan just rents space here but when I talk about shipping the guy points me across the road and says the guy there sorted out a container for them to Mombasa and it sounded like a good deal. I make a note to check this out later.

Friday 31st July Cape Town

………………………………….the problem with blogs is they take a while and unless you make notes you can forget. Don’t remember anything unusual. Just had a lazy day.

Saturday 1st August 09 Cape Town

Head out today for a wander round as PJ has a wine tasting and art exhibition on. I use the opportunity to track down a Landrover specialist as I think I may have a wheel bearing issue and I don’t want to strip it down as I have no stub axle and am aware that often a collapsing bearing will and up fused to this part. The wine tasting is partly to do with PJ having some artist friends. I return and join in the fun. A nice event.

Sunday 2nd August Cape Town

A lot of re-arranging to do in the car to make it ready for Stephanie and, when completed, I sit and watch the cricket on the television. No other news today.