Friday 6th February 09 Bamako

A slightly frustrating day here (surprise ) as I try to do a few things we take for granted. Firstly I try to send updates back with pictures and it doesn’t quite work. 2 hours messing around and not much accomplished. Next I try to change money. Finally got it sorted but again only Euros. I’m not actually short of money here just money that anyone wants. Bizarre that both Sterling and US $ are rejected. Still I am now sorted hopefully to get a little further along the road.

I manage to buy bread and fruit and have a bit of banter without any of us knowing what we are talking about and do quite a lot of walking around. I am a little tired as the chap in the mosque started at 4am this morning. Get talking to one of a group of 4 French guys. He apparently works for Airbus and has flown the huge new jet they make. He is with two friends and one of the others Father. Apparently the father and son come here every year usually selling whatever car they bring to fund their trip. I wont be doing that.

The sights and sounds of the little market here are quite a confusion but very interesting and relatively hassle free. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some of those sort of sights from a later market.

Time to sign off as I will try to get to the internet Saturday morning and need some battery power left.