News in Brief

This article was written in the months preceding my journey through Africa. It sort of leads into my journal which I have now set to show in chronological order. I hope you enjoy the story.

Hi, Anyone else out there with their plans in jeopardy due to the downturn in world finance? I am hopeful that I may get a few purchases of my CD which will help. I have put a sample clip on my music page. The CD is now available.

I have handed in my notice for the teaching I do and am planning to set out between Christmas and New Year. Finished teaching now but quite a few gigs to fit in.

Have made arrangements for my trip funds and am now applying for my carnet (arrived). I hope to go the bank guarantee method as this will prove cheaper. Gone the insurance route as my bank wanted a quarterly fee for the guarantee!!!

Other news:- Off to buy carpet to deaden the bulkhead behind the rear seats (done). I will then build the carrier for the first aid kit. I have dug out my old camera and video gear and have decided to use what I have with a digital body added. Sand ladder mounts finished.

Buckets to do this week and dental appointments as well.

2nd January 2009, Some would say I'm having a lie-in but judging from how my throat feels I would say I'm a little under the weather. Still aiming for Sunday departure and trying to get all those last minute things done. I have to do a little more paperwork and get some shopping in then try and pack the motor. Right, time to get moving.