Overland Trombone: A Dream Realised

 My name is Ian Moseley and since 1986 I have been a professional trombonist. Travelling to many countries through my music I was inspired to undertake an Overland journey through Africa in a Land Rover.

January 2009 saw me take the necessary time to fulfil that dream. I travelled the West Coast route in the 110 which I had prepared with help from my friends. I will try to share with you the tips I have picked up and also pitfalls in the same way that I have used other people's information for help.




Summer 2019

Brass instrument repairs commenced under the name Shrewsbury Brass Repairs.

February 16th 2019:

Still catching up on remedial work on the expedition Land Rover. The 110 has now had the interior roof console refurbished and rewired although the front light/sunglasses unit is currently not a perfect replacement for the previous item (Now fixed and working as intended). A new fuse-box has been installed for the accessory electrics.

The cover to the roof-tent was damaged (now replaced) and as a result the top board had rotted out. I have stripped it down and replaced the board. Hopefully the roof tent will see some action next year. (Saw only one outing last year. That must change.)

The chassis is being inspected and any remedial work is in progress. Once complete it will be coated with a rust stabilizing primer before being over-painted and cavity injected. The next phase is to look at the leaks by the Alpine windows where the roof has bent with the constant walking on it (roof joints all sealed and apline light seals replaced).

The mechanical aspects are also being sorted so it is ready to go if the opportunity arises.

BOOM:- mini disaster occurred in 2018. The cambelt went, more accurately one of the idler pulleys gave up. It had a flange spot welded to the front of it which is a weak point. This failed and that was that. When fitting cambelt kit make sure you get the one which has the flanges machined on the pulleys. My good friend Pete Ryan came round after I had done the strip down and prep and it was up and running again the same week. It just required some new rocker arms and a few pushrods plus the new cambelt kit.

With the Africa trip a distant memory I will endeavour to develop this website further.

What does the future hold? I have some musical projects in the pipeline but, on a travel note, I would like to do another big trip however it will involve a lot of planning and getting funds together.

Will the roof-tent option work for me so well as I get a bit less sprightly or should I perhaps look at another modification to live in the vehicle? Where to go? There is a tremendous amount of the UK and Europe which I haven't yet explored so maybe I should look closer to home. My wife would like to see Norway so maybe that is on the cards. 

Overland Trombone CD Track 12

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 I hope you enjoy my website and I would like to thank my friend Guy Sidford for continuing to share his wealth of knowledge and skill in this regard. Guy also managed the website throughout my Africa trip which gave my nearest and dearest an invaluable resource during that time.