What to add to the V8 on a budget?

So it has been an eventful season. I actually got to attend a few events and even drove well on one. (Almost won if not for doubling my total score on the final section). What can I do to improve the vehicle without spending a fortune?

There are many 'off the shelf' suspension and wheel packages but why spend that much money if the vehicle is only used about 10 times a year? Do I go for taller tyres to get over clearance issues with the salisbury diff at the rear? Will this compromise my steering and what tyres could I get for little money? Overall the vehicle has been relatively competitive.

Let's prioritise. First I need to fix the bits I broke or bent. My front radius arms look dubious, my rear 'sumo' bar is bent, my beautiful front wing panel is heavily bruised. I need to get the wiring sorted finally and the starter switch is still temperamental. Once this is done I think greater travel is next on the list so extended shock mounts (not a lift though) and dislocation cones or the equivalent. Maybe some secondary type of spring to keep the axle pushed down for traction when at the extremes of travel. I have some rims which are to be turned round to provide a better offset to give me a tighter lock (I lose out to the 80" vehicles). Who knows how much of this rambling will find it's way into reality? What is the budget? As little as possible. I would rather create and adapt items to see if they work, it is more fun.