The 92.4" V8 Project Part 2

Much work has still to be done to create the sort of motor I feel I can learn in. Some is mechanical and some more to do with driver convenience. I am currently trying not to inhale too many glue fumes as I create a bolster cushion to push Stephanie forward in the seat so she can reach the pedals. With the 4-point harness this will be the simplest way to allow us to double drive the vehicle.


29th April 2010. Spent much of the afternoon at the scrapyard getting a power steering pump for a V8. Feel a little guilty as the vehicle in question was a very early Discovery. I believe it was probably a press release vehicle. Will look up the number but for the geeks out there it was a GWAC. It was beyond restoration I guess unless you change the body! Got the pump, reservoir and pipes for £30.

30th April 2010. Mike from S&W got me a well priced power steering box and I have fitted that today along with mounting the pump. I need a different bottom pulley and a different track rod at which point I should have power steering.

5th May 2010 Mike had a pulley for me and that was fitted with assistance from Steve, had to take off starter motor again to lock out flywheel for this. I have mounted the reservoir and connected all the pipes and installed a temporary drag link (probably going to go for stronger steering bars)  It is all in place and belts are measured, ordered and fitted. I fire it all up and the steering appears to work. Next task is to look at steering protection and get wings fabricated. The bolster cushion fits well and now I need to install the relevant driver to check it out.

Week beginning 10th May Cut of ends of dumb irons and welded in a centre section after capping them. Took to Hawkestone to help set out for trial league. Engine not running that well but got a bit of help and getting closer. On the Saturday a friend tested out the rollcage for me. Vehicle not badly hurt just the bottom tube on the radiator broken a bit. Thank goodness for stop leak.

Week beginning 17th May Got a second hand exhaust to adapt and fit. Steve Blackham came over and set up carb. Told I had a misfire which would probably be down to a sticking valve and I should have the heads off to find out. Did a compression check and have lifted off the heads which will be cleaned and faced on Monday next.

January 2011 Update, I sorted out the misfire but still struggled when resting on a slope so I have just reverted back to the SU carbs that also came with the motor. Have created a bonnet bulge to make space for this and am now making wing tops. Engine runs better and I also fabricated an exhaust. Much wiring to be done and also plumbing for my diff lock. Haven't much time to complete this before I am off to work again so will get cracking and hopefully upload pictures soon.


July 2011 Update: Lots of work has been completed. The steering went wrong so it has been redone with another steering box (thanks to Steve Blackham for his assistance here), Carbs set up with Colourtune. Wing tops completed. Air locker connected up. Compressor mounted. Alternator changed and uprated. Twin cooling fans fitted with thermostatic switch. The upshot of all this is that I should be able to trial for the rest of the season without much else done to the motor. Will look for low cost improvements to make over the winter.